Chip Ritter



Drummer Chip Ritter not only plays but juggles his sticks at the same time!  Ritter, is known for being the first drummer in the world to simultaneously juggle three drumsticks while playing at the same time for any amount of time.  And he proved it during a performance on The Late Show Monday May 03, 2004 and entertained America with his inspirational drumming skills.

Chip Ritter the official drummer for Trick Drums, he is a professional drummer who has toured the U.S.A., Russia, Romania, Holland, France, Mexico and Canada, over the past 11 years. 

He won his first talent show on drums at age 11, his first professional show on drums was at age 13.

In 1996 he won the Jason Bonham Drum Off. In 1998 Chip Ritter became the first drummer to have juggled three sticks continually while playing beats on national TV. He plays TRICK drums, Trueline Chip Ritter Signature Series Drum Sticks, and Attack Drum Heads. He also endorses Nitro Fish Ultimate Gear, the inspiration for the TRICK/NitroFish Racing snare drum.

Ritter was drawn to music from a very early age, he lives to play the drums and continues to take lessons. He won the 2001, and 2002 Tammie Awards for Best Drummer. In late 2002 he published The RITTER Method, a critically acclaimed self-improvement method for drummers of all skill levels. 

He is all over the place