Sal Abruscato


Born: July 18, 1970
Location: Bay Ridge Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Sign: Cancer
Currently working with: LIFE OF AGONY
When I was a kid I would get fucked with constantly by the neighborhood kids and that’s when I turned only to myself for entertainment. I’ll never forget the first time I fell in love with drums. I was walking back from school and I heard this drumming coming out of a basement window. I was ten and sneaky so I crawled in this guy’s yard to peek through his window and I saw him playing this old white Rogers 5pc kit. I got up went to his door and rang the bell, he answered and I asked him if I could see his drum set? He said yes and I got to sit behind his kit. That was the most insane feeling, it ran through my blood ever since.

 I have been playing now for 23 years and it still makes me feel that special vibe I only can have playing. At age 13 I began working in a blacksmith shop it was called Joppa, This dude Joe Papo DaDiego would make these awesome Latin percussion instruments and bells. He taught me a lot about soul and groove along with making bells (to this day I never heard a better cow bell).  He was also responsible for introducing me to Louie Beato who at that time was the drummer for Carnivore. This guy was the other great teacher and friend I had. He took me under his wing and taught me all kinds of syncopated shit along with listening to John Bonham and Bill Ward. He made me do endless exercises to build my wrists, you see he was all about power (hitting a tom = crushing a scull). Through Louie I met Peter Steele and when Carnivore broke up I asked Peter if he wanted to start something new (Type O Negative) and the band was formed with Josh Silver and Kenny Hickey to complete the line up.

 It was through Josh that I got involved with Life Of Agony. He was producing them and they needed a drummer to fill in on there first album. I ended up joining them full time due to the circumstances I was facing at that moment. I have to say that I was lucky to have worked with both bands. After my departure with Life of Agony my life took a nose dive for the worse and I lost touch with music for 5 1/2 years for reasons I can’t discuss. I finally freed myself and in October 2001 I started a new band with Matt Brown and Billy Kelly of Uranium 235 called Supermassiv. It had lots of potential and really good music but internally the band was a mess and could not deal with the inner conflicts of egos and psychosis. So we had to take a brake for a while.

September of 2002 I am asked to rejoin Life of Agony for some reunion shows and I gladly said yes. I am now an official member of Life of Agony again which feels great. I also did some work with Keith Caputo’s solo project, April 2003 we did some shows together and it was a really cool experience. I am always looking for something new and cutting edge, that is why I want to work with as many professional artists as possible. That’s how you build diversity and musical culture. I have done some amazing work with these bands and I’m proud to have been part of them all.

Life Of Agony