Scott Metko


BIO: Scott Metko is the son of RCA Victor/Decca recording artist Dick Metko. As a teenager in the late 1940’s, Dick Metko regularly performed in northern Minnesota, where a young Robert Zimmerman attended dances. In 2005 Bob Dylan returned the favor, by featuring Metko’s composition, the “Ha Ha Ho Ho Polka” in the documentary No Direction Home. By age 10, Scott Metko was performing on his father’s weekly TV show and at dances, playing polkas, waltzs, and swing tunes. Seven years later, he was chosen as one of two students to represent his native Wisconsin in the McDonald’s All-American High School Band. Guest soloist Lionel Hampton chose Metko, out of the 16-member percussion section, to perform his big band music at Carnegie Hall.

After receving a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Metko relocated to Minneapolis and recorded diverse music: two fusion albums with an 11-piece horn band, BOZO Allegro, Tiny Tim’s final record, and jingles for national clients such as UPS & Rent-A-Wreck. After recording Debra Soule’s album Vapor, Scott’s unique approach to drum sounds was featured in the December 2001 issue of

Once in Nashville, Metko joined the backing band of eclectic country legend David Ball, where he recorded Ball’s last two releases, Sparkle City and The Greatest Christmas. Metko appeared on ABC’s “Nashville” as the on-screen drummer for Rayna Jaymes, with David Ball on GAC’s “Off The Map With Shannen and Holly” and on ZUUS Country’s “On The Rise with Adam Fears.” Metko is also the touring drummer for Fears and percussionist for Atlantic Records artist Mila Mason.

Metko’s gear and recordings have been reviewed in Modern Drummer and Stereo Review. Scott appears on new music by rising country artist Genevieve Allen.