BIO: Muzz has been playing professionally for nearly 30 years, half of which has also been devoted to teaching. He came to the forefront of the Boston music scene in the ‘hey-day’ of the mid to late 80’s. At that time he along with Charlie Farren and David Hull (of the recently disbanded Joe Perry Project (Aerosmith)) formed Farrenheit and within a year of it’s formation found themselves recording a debut CD in L.A. for Warner Brothers records.
On the strength of that album as well as his friendship with Boston’s lead singer Brad Delp, Farrenheit toured for 6 months across the country opening for Boston on their Third Stage tour. Often they played multiple nights (Worcester Centrum, 9 nights – LA Forum, 3 nights) and as Muzz puts it “our second show on that tour was opening the Texas Jam at the Cotton Bowl in front of 80,000 people and things couldn’t have been better.”

Towards the beginning of the 90’s Muzz started to perform with other artists as well. Some of these were ‘Ultra Blue’ which was fronted by ace guitarist Robert Holmes of ‘Till Tuesday.’ He also did a stint with New England fun group ‘The Fools.’ In an interview from that time Muzz is quoted as saying “Every drummer in the Boston area has played with The Fools at one time or another from, Jonathan Mover to Joe Pet. Where else can you have this much fun?!”

At the end of 1991 Muzz and Charlie Farren started to experiment with another group simply called Farren which also highlighted the talents of Phil Bynoe (who has recorded and toured with Steve Vai) and Igor Koroshev who went on to record and tour with ‘Yes.’
Through Muzz’s involvement and recording with Igor he was enlisted by ex-Cars bassman and vocalist Ben Orr for a two-year stint in ORR.

During this period Muzz also was performing at clinics of his own as well as with ex-Sammy Hagar and current Boston lead guitarist, Gary Pihl at some of his recording clinics for Tascam. He, along with Brad Delp and other close friends formed BeatleJuice, which he describes as a group of consummate musical chameleons and equally great friends.

In the past several years he has recorded with Michael Sweet, Ben Orr, Farrenheit, Fusion guitarist Bobby Enick, Yes’s keyboardist Igor Koroshev as well as many others.
He also formed another group featuring all Police and Sting material called ‘Juice In The Machine’ with the other members of BeatleJuice.

Muzz remains active as a drum instructor in all levels. He is sponsored by Zildjian Cymbals, Sonor Drums, Silverfox Drumsticks, and Grover Pro Percussion. all of which he will be promoting at his live shows as will in some upcoming clinics.

Beatle Juice