Matt Collins


First Musical Experience was playing snare drum in 6th grade band. Quit band the following year because my snare drum was stolen from the band room…. (Stupid excuse for quitting…. The one thing I truly I regret in life).After a stint as a local skateboarder for 8 years, I was exposed to vast amounts of different music, for which I am forever grateful and still influences my life to this day. After numerous injuries and many parties later, I decided it was time to find a safer outlet for my creativity. After completing my education at Lee High School, some of my skate friends wanted to start a band. The band only lasted a few months but it lit a fire under my tail. From that point on I’ve played drums and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve had 2 drum teachers over the years, but only credit and care to mention one of them…his name is Larue Larry. I’ve had the pleasure of taking lessons from Rue for about 6months now and I enjoy every minute of it. Here’s to the future, for it is bright! Latin here I come!

Band History:

GFA (Green Furry Animals) 1993-95
Gypsy Stomp (percussion) 1995
Mullholland 1995-97
1.5 1997
Various local recording sessions 1997-2000
Red Clay Addiction 2000-present

High Profile Gigs:
1995 Battle of the Bands (outside the VBC)
Big Spring Jam X (2002)
Big Spring Jam XI (2003)


Anything that is funky and or original…. but to name a few:
GOD, Billy Martin (MMW). Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band), Bob Marley, Bad Brains, Chad Sexton & PNUT (311), Derrico Watson,
Dom Famularo (Instructor and Motivator) , Follow For Now, James Brown Band, Jose Passilas Jr. (Incubus), Larue Larry, The Meters, The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo), Ozomatli, Outkast, Stanton Moore as well as Galactic, Travis Barker (Blink 182 & The Transplants), and last but not least Questlove (Roots).

Red Clay Addiction
Website: Red Clay Addiction