Billy “Thunder” Mason

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Ladies and gentlemen, on drums, Billy “Thunder”
Mason. If you have ever heard Tim perform live, this nickname should
come as no surprise. Sticks in hand, always at the ready, drummer
Billy Mason is proud to be a part of the McGraw music machine.
But his musical path was not always so clear. “My first instrument?
Uh . . . the accordion!” he reluctantly admits. “I was around five,
but it was too heavy.” It did not take long for the young Billy to
tire of the lumbering walk up the stairs, dragging his accordion to
his lesson.
By the age of eight, Billy had reached for the drumsticks. His
father played as well, but Billy taught himself most of what he
learned. Still, his dad always made his drums available, and the
inspiration that he provided helped to motivate the aspiring young

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Current Gig:
Tim McGraw
Comment: “He’s always a kid at heart. He wants
everybody to be happy. On this record he was the rock that kept
everybody together. He always puts on a great show, and I don’t
think he had any overdubs at all on this record . . . He was the
star of the record. At the end of the session we all stood up and
gave him a standing ovation.”
– Tim McGraw