Tyler Hudson



Tyler Hudson is 10 years old. His talent is well beyond his years. Major players in the music industry have called him a prodigy, virtuoso, and 20 years ahead of his time.

He also sings, plays other instruments, and has already co-wrote many songs.

He attracts and amazes crowds with his personality and style. He brings crowds to their feet calling out for more.

Tyler has been called a prodigy and virtuoso by major recording artists. He is among the best young drummers in the country who also sings lead and backup vocals.

Tyler has been involved with music nearly all his life. Like most kids Tyler started singing and playing percussion at a very early age on whatever would make noise. Tyler was introduced to drums when he was about three years old. His parents had agreed to store a friend’s drum set in their living room while he was relocating. The attraction to something that makes sounds from hitting it with a stick was all he needed to know. From the first time he sat down at a drum kit at that early age he had a grasp of rhythm that was remarkable. His first very own drum set was quick to follow.

From those innocent beginnings he has since developed into a professional grade musician. At the age of 5 he was sitting in at parties and local clubs with adult bands. By the age of seven he was regularly performing songs written by James Brown to Rush to name a few. His musical expertise ranges from funk to metal, jazz to pop, blues to country, progressive rock to rockabilly. He proficiently plays these styles with a conviction and maturity normally associated with drummers many times his age. One of the things you will notice about his playing ability is his incredible sense for his accompanying musicians. Tyler not only plays incredibly well, he also complements and works the compositions with his fellow musicians. His control of dynamics and feel for the music is hard to describe in words. Some musicians strive a lifetime to achieve the feel for music that this kid naturally has. Tyler sings lead vocals throughout complex songs where the percussion is intense and the timing signature is intricate.

At age 8 Tyler co-wrote a song and played drums with Radioactive Mice. The song is currently used as the Web audio sample for the nationally known Rock camp “Dayjams”. Since then he as recorded numerous originals with various other bands.

Completely at ease with small crowds as well as major events, Tyler is a crowd pleaser with his drumming style and personality. He gets the crowd on their feet. Right from the start he is the metronome of the band and the show increases with intensity as it goes. Very common first impressions are typically disbelief that a fourth grade kid can control and lead a band with such musical maturity and diversity. When you see him perform you’ll quickly surmise where the next generation of talent is coming from.

He has been involved with many “Battle Of The Bands” and drum-off events. He has been performing 2 hours shows regularly since 2004 as a member of numerous projects including TK Rok. His latest project, Mindwalk, is a power trio based on progressive rock and fusion. This is where Tyler shows the passion and intensity for the music he loves and how instinctively he jells with a band.

I know what your thinking. Great! Here’s a kid that plays drums pretty well. That’s cute. But just see him play or better yet spend some time jamming with this four foot tall monster musician and you’ll walk away amazed that he’s not five times his real age and a old veteran in the business.

Mindwalk (website coming soon)