Jim Bloodgood


BIO: Self taught through the likes of Jon Bonham, Jeff Porcaro, Joey Heredia. I had some lessons in elementary school, and then played in the school band all through High school

There have been many moments to treasure during my professional career, everything from the first time being on a nationally televised show, to walking out in front of 40+ thousand people. To being able to meet some of the people that influenced my playing, the first time my mother saw me play on TV and she realized that maybe I did OK with my career choice. But the thing that stands out for me is being a part of a foundation for pediatric aids and seeing the faces of children that may not normally be able to see a concert, and watch their smiles and them dancing or just swaying with the beat. That’s the good stuff! Giving back, that’s the key!
My strengths are feel an dynamics in the context of the song and It’s what I have always wanted to do and now I get payed for it, life is good!

Sarah Evans
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