Tommy Clufetos


BIO: Tommy, born December 30, 1979 in Detroit, MI has been living drums since he got his first pair of sticks at age 7. At age 11 he was playing clubs and concerts 5 nights a week in his father’s band. All while trying to stay awake in his junior high school classes. Tommy recollects on those early invalualble experiences. “It was the greatest training ground, one night I would play a wedding, and the next night I would be playing ”Johnny B. Goode” behind the actual Chuck Berry. I played in every situation imaginable.”Want to read more about Tommy.  Click Here
The year 2003 was a busy one for Tommy on the TED NUGENT “SHOCK & AWE” tour.A good portion of this tour was spent with legendary rockers ZZ TOP. Other shows included ALICE COOPER, DAVID LEE ROTH, KISS AND AEROSMITH.2004 finds Tommy on a World Tour with legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper. The story continues…