Dan Johnson


BIO: Dan Johnson is an accomplished, professional steel guitar player (both pedal and lap, plus dobro), and has spent many years in live music venues as well as being a veteran studio musician. He started his steel guitar career under the tutelage of Herb Remington, the well known steel guitar player for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.

Dan has received some outstanding reviews and critical praise on both his live performances, as well as studio work and compositions.

Here are some of Dan’s reviews:
2011 HonkyTonkJunkie Music Awards (The Junkies)

In keeping with tradition I am naming the my picks for who I think should have won the Country Music Association (CMA) awards, the anti-CMA’s if you will, on the day after the awards were handed out. As usual, I have made up my own rules so don’t worry if something on here is more than a year old, they’re based on things I’ve discovered over the past year. With that, I give you The Junkies. Favorite Steel Guitar Performance: Dan Johnson. “I met Dan a few times when he was playing with Doug Moreland and again recently while he was playing with Jackson Taylor and the Sinners. My friends and I still talk about those performances and how we had never seen or heard anyone play a steel guitar the way Dan does. We didn’t even know you could play one like that. For lack of a better term, Dan makes that thing his bitch.”

And just recently: http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/tag/jackson-taylor-the-sinners

This is a review of Dan’s  performance on the newest Jackson Taylor and the Sinners cd, “Crazy Again” which just released in June 2013, and within a few weeks hit the Country Chart at Billboard at the number 69 position.

Dan has performed with the following artists (plus many others): Hank Williams III, John Evans, Jarrod Birmingham, Jackson Taylor and The Sinners, Lucky Tubb and Deke Dickerson, and Chadd Thomas and the Crazy Kings. Dan has opened for such acts as Buck Owens, Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Dwight Yoakum, and Junior Brown. Dan has completed three major European tours with Jackson Taylor and the Sinners and also with Lucky Tubb, both of which have given him additional exposure and helped to expand his European fan base.  One of the songs that his pedal steel work was featured on Wayne Garner’s “110% Full Throttle” and was also featured on UFC 167 as Tim Elliot’s intro music.I addition, Dan has  just completed filming a Live at Billy Bob’s DVD for Jackson Taylor and the Sinners.

Josh Ward