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Scott "Roadkill" McMullen

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  Bio:   When he's not chatting on the radio with Greg and The Morning Buzz on WHEB radio ( he's sitting behind him drumkit!  Having played drums for over 20 years with such acts as Vicious Circle, Recognizer,D.C.M and for the last 3 years with Flood This Earth (  Last year  they put out "Soundtrack To A Murder" and in 2013 your going to get another Flood cd that has taken his drum playing to levels that he has never played before in his life!

Scott syas "I'm very excited to be working with QwikStix, when your playing metal and you break a stick, having QwikStix drumstick holders make it easier to get back on track with out missing a blastbeat!"
  Current Gig:   Flood This Earth


  Website:   WHEB Radio



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