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Kyle Richardson

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  Bio:   Like most people, Kyle's initial experience with music and the guitar began on a very elementary level. Much emphasis was put on topics such as music notation, music dictation, scales and chords all being absorbed in sort of a mindless manner.  A solid appreciation and acknowledgement towards musical studies was not  forthcoming in his early years but later with  the introduction of Yngwie Malmsteen,  Jason Becker, Nicolo  Paganinni, J.S  Bach and other classically motivated virtuosos.  After being taken under the reign of such music styles and playing, Kyle quickly grew a great respect and  interest in the "shred" guitar scene.  His most strenuous practicing occurred  around the young ages of 11-14 in an attempt to  acquire the dexterity and endurance that all of his idols had expressed within their playing. As time commenced, his playing became more directed in the studio increasing  his focus towards  orchestration, arranging, and recording for various music mediums and  genres.  The time reserved for Kyle's musical endeavors  today tend to be directed in the same manner putting most concentration on  practice,  recording, composing, and arranging.....


  Current Gig:   Half Mast, various Studio Work




  Comment:   "Sounds good man, nice chops.........."-Rusty Cooley

"It sounds like you are very dedicated to the guitar and that you have obviously put a lot of time and energy into it,........ You have some nice things going for you......." -Steve Vai

"Your really shredding up a storm................." -Terry Syrek          


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